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Rush or Expedited Service
Ziamond Policies
Date Created
9/5/2005 3:20:39 PM
Date Updated
9/5/2005 3:25:06 PM
Can I have my order rushed?
Ziamond is a jewelry manufacturer, all orders are made and then shipped. Orders are processed in a first in first out method. Expedited rush services may be available for certain items. In these cases, we do not place your order ahead of anyone else's. We do however ask our staff to volunteer to come in early or stay later to work on RUSH orders. These overtime fees are what constitute the rush fee and those fees are paid for by the customer. Rush services are quoted along with delivery times on a case by case basis. Fees and delivery time may vary due to Ziamond's production schedule. Rush fees are non refundable and irrevocable once the order has been placed and initiated. Ziamond rush fees will not be waived if Ziamond ships the order for timely delivery, failure by the shipping carrier will not result in a refund of the rush service fees or the order. If a shipping carrier does not deliver on the date scheduled by the carrier, shipping fees (not rush fees) may be adjusted on a case by case basis. Ziamond will always do its best to fulfill its obligation and ship your order in a timely manner for a promised delivery date. Ziamond can not be held responsible or liable for any failures by a shipping carrier.
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