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Ziamond Lifetime Warranty On Stones
Ziamond Policies
Date Created
9/5/2005 3:14:13 PM
Date Updated
9/5/2005 3:15:57 PM
What is the warranty on Ziamond stones?
Ziamond Lifetime Guarantee

Ziamond is so confident about our gems that they are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee to maintain the original brilliance and luster. They are also guaranteed against cracking or chipping under normal wear. Should your Ziamond gemstone display any signs of damage, Ziamond will provide a replacement gem at no charge to the original purchaser. Ziamond may replace the gem with the closest color and cut available at the time. Fees for stone setting and goldsmithing will apply, as well as any shipping fees. Original receipt must be presented for guarantee to apply. Please see our Policies page for complete details. Work performed on Ziamond jewelry by anyone other than Ziamond will void any and all warranties, expressed or implied.
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